About Cane & Able

Cane & Able hosts an interactive showroom in the Philadelphia area displaying medical products in different rooms of the house. These rooms include the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room. For instance, the bedroom has a full electric bed with sheets and a pillow on it with different safety bars installed as they would be in the home. The bathroom is composed of an actual tub and shower with tiled walls displaying shower chairs, transfer benches, a bath lift and multiple sophisticated safety bars. The concept is that individuals can try and evaluate what works best for them.

We enjoy getting to know our clients and obtaining a clear understanding of their needs. We feel that this approach to home health care is extremely different than other home health care providers in that our showroom is very bright and stylish and our staff is very friendly and approachable. The array of product offering gives our clients the opportunity to demonstrate and select what suits their needs.

Cane & Able works closely with hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, assisted living facilities, senior centers, medical offices as well as other institutions.

"Helping You to Help Yourself"

  1. Residential Safety Conversions
  2. Sale & Installation of Stair Lifs
  3. Sale & Installation of Mobility Lifts
  4. Sale & Service of Mobility Products

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