Bathroom Utilities for Easier Access

submitted by Cane & Able, Inc.

Last month, I left you on the toilet.

It’s now time to get up off of it and enter either your tub or shower stall.

A tub has many options for independent use.

The first item to consider is a transfer bench.

A transfer bench has legs that sit both inside and outside of the tub. You sit on the bench before entering the tub.

Then, you slide over into the tub, raising your legs above the tub wall.

This prevents falls.

Another solution to safe bathing is to install grab bars and non-slip shower mats.

Grab bars can be straight, traditionally 12” up to 18” in length. They are mounted to the wall inside the shower/tub.

Alternatively, a Dependa Bar is a product that consists of a loop grab bar that rotates off of the wall and will lock in several positions.

It folds against the wall when not in use.

It can also be installed into the shower/tub wall.

Tub, shower chairs and benches are also useful.

They allow the bather to sit.

A hand held shower would be practical in these sitting settings. You can get one that attaches directly to where the showerhead is, or, you can install one with a diverter valve so that other bathers who choose to stand can use the regular showerhead.

A bath lift is a wonderful device for transferring into the tub and lowering into the water.

It has reclining features.

It raises you up above the tub for an easy transfer out of the tub.

A mobile shower chair is an ideal product for wheelchair-confined individuals.

It allows you to wheel into the shower and remain seated.

It can have a commode feature as well.

Next month we will venture into the kitchen and dining room for some tasty choices.