Getting Around in Your Home

submitted by David E. Farrer- President, Cane & Able, Inc.

Last month we conquered the bedroom.

This month we make our way into the bathroom where we are presented with a toilet.

Any problems transferring onto or off of it?

Do not despair.

There are several options for successful toileting.

First, you can have a new ADA compliant toilet installed, which is taller than a traditional toilet.

This enables less bending to sit and to rise.

An alternative is to install a raised toilet seat that locks to the existing toilet.

You can have one with or without arms to assist in transfer.

Raised toilet seats are customarily three inches to 5.5 inches in height.

They can be hard or cushioned.

Another option is to place a commode over the existing toilet that has adjustable legs.

A more sophisticated device called a Commode Assist can assist you in both sitting and rising with its lifting mechanism.

This can be used over an existing toilet as well or as a free-standing commode.

Another option is to mount a Modrail into the floor, which has a pivoting horizontal bar to assist in transfers.

A PT Rail can also be mounted into the wall, which consists of a loop grab bar that sits horizontal to the ground to assist in transfers.

It folds up against the wall when not in use.

It can be positioned between a tub and a toilet that are close to one another to serve a dual function in assisting in tub and toilet transfers.

Next month we will make our way into the tub and shower stall.

There are very important safety issues to consider when tackling these obstacles.

There are also many solutions for minimizing your risk of injury.