Getting Around in Your Home

submitted by David E. Farrer - President, Cane & Able, Inc.

I will venture a guess that most individuals do not know the array of products available to them that will enable them to be independent.

I am addressing your every move, from the time you wake up to the time you retire for the day.

Let us follow a logical progression of events that comprise one’s daily routine.

First, we sit up in an upright position while in bed.

Any difficulties?

There is a solution consisting of a trapeze bar, which allows you to grasp a bar with your hands and pull yourself to an upright sitting position.

A trapeze bar can be attached to your hospital bed or it can be attached to a Superpole, which is mounted from the floor to the ceiling.

That brings us to getting out of bed.

A Superpole is useful in that you grab on to another attachment called a Superbar, which is a horizontal bar that you hold while transferring out of bed.

Another option is a Smart Rail, which attaches to your bedside. This unique product pivots so that you can get out of bed with continual support.

The Superpole and Smart Rail are compatible with any bed.

There are many products available for your bedroom that will enhance your quality of life.

One key product is an over-the-bed table.

It is a useful tool for eating and for reading or writing.

The table is height adjustable and can be wheeled into place where you can easily lock the table in place by a simple adjustment of the wheels.

Next month we will make our way into the bathroom where we will discuss toileting and bathing in either a tub or a shower stall.