The Living Room/Family Room

submitted by Cane & Able, Inc.

Last month we dined together. This month we will venture into the living room/family room where we will relax on a lift chair which is every bit as comfortable and affordable as a traditional recliner but more. The lift chair has a mechanism that lifts you up to a standing position with just a simple push of a button. It allows you to make transfers with ease. It also reclines to either a TV viewing position or to a lying down position. If you choose not to add a piece of furniture, we have a lift mechanism that allows you to raise from any chair with ease with just the simple push of a button. This device is called an Uplift Seat Assist. It must be used near an electrical outlet. An alternative to the electric lift is a pneumatic lift Uplift Seat Assist. This device does 80% of the lifting for you so that as you begin to get up the device helps you with the majority of the effort. It does not require an outlet and therefore can be easily transported and used anywhere. Furniture can also be raised by the use of risers that are placed under the legs of the chair, couch, or bed. Elevating the seating surface allows for less hip and knee movement in sitting and raising from the seated position. There are table stands that can be used for reading, writing and dining while remaining in any chair.

Next month we will discuss mobility devices, accessories and options for getting around.