Dining Utensils for More Comfortable Dining

submitted by Cane & Able, Inc.

This month we will dine together.

Today, there are many products available to help individuals enjoy dining with more comfort.

A traditional fork, spoon, or knife has a small handle that is not easy to control for many of us.

There exists a full line of utensils that is quite handy.

They consist of built-up handles and for those in need, weighted, built-up handles.

The built-up handles create an easier grip for those who have arthritis or other problems gripping items.

The added weight counters shakiness or tremors.

There are combination utensils such as spoon/fork or knife/fork. Rocker knives are useful as well for those in need.

There are straps that can be worn on one’s hand that provides a pocket for holding utensils.

Another concept that has been incorporated into dining is right- or left-handed utensils that are curved to prevent overuse of one’s wrist.

Some utensils are also bendable.

Plates are designed with grips on the bottom to prevent slippage. Food bumpers are also available to prevent food from sliding off the plate.

Bowls and plates are also shaped with lips on them to make scooping easier and less messy.

Cups are made with non-spill features.

They are also weighted similarly to the utensils.

There are full dining kits available for those with Parkinson’s or arthritis.

Additionally, there are a host of devices to assist you in holding and opening jars and cans.

Next month we will lift ourselves up and venture into the living room and family room for comfort.